About The Blue Aries

Hello, My Friend, Hello.

Where to start, I guess the first question is no, I am not a sad ram. I just like the color Blue. Also I am an Aries, and tho I enjoy knowing my own astrological sign, its really the only thing i know about astrology. So this isn’t a site to get your fortune read. I am just a regular gay man in Orlando, Florida, living a regular life, and loving every minute.

I am engaged to a wonderful man, who is my everything, his Name is Aaron. I’m sure you will hear a lot about him.

Sorry for the very late posting of this website. But I have totally given up social media, which was the plan all along. It just took a long time to actually do it. So there will not be any social media uploads or whatever because I hate all of those services and I’m not going back.